Go Promotion in Piazza Duomo 

Milano, 7th May 2000


On Sunday 7th May 2000 an important games promotional event took place in the very center of the town of Milano, just in front of the famous Cathedral.
"Giant" Go, Draughts and Chess boards were available to attract attention. During the day some live Chess games have also been played.
Here are some pictures of the Go promotion activity which has been quite satisfactory since many people and children have been very interested and have had the chance to learn the rules and play their first games.

Here are some Go-related pictures of the event.

Click on the pictures to see them full size..

People could learn Go in front of the Cathedral

The preparation of our "giant" go-ban.


Hundreds of people gathered to see the live Chess game held in the center of the square..

Our giant go-ban has attracted a lot of interest..


These very funny "creatures" were also part of the event.
Paolo Montrasio teaching attracted a lot of audience.

Many people had the chance to discover the game of Go.

Since in the late afternoon it started to rain some of us just moved in a safe place to keep on teaching.


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