Friendship Go Tour at the Milano Go Club

Milano, 7th March 2000


The Milano Go Club on the 7th March 2000 has received a very welcomed visit, the "Friendship Go Tour" organized by Nippon Express Co.
Okada Shinichiro, 7Dan Professional and a group of strong Japanese amateur players, their ranks varying from 3Dan to 6Dan, have come to play with us at the Club. Even the strongest italian players have found very tough opponents.
We have been very lucky  to host these new friends; these are some pictures of the wonderful evening at the Club.

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Waiting for our guests to arrive

The coach taking the "Friendship Go Tour" group to the Club arrives

The first greetings

A short speech by Okada Shinichiro, 7Dan Professional and the welcome from the Club members help to "break the ice"

Games start

The following pictures show different moments of the visit











After the scheduled match people get to know each other more and more  so... our guests find some time to play once again

All of our Japanese  friends who, when in town, usually attend the Club are here tonigh: Arai-san (in the picture) , Abe-san, Shibata-san , Oka-san. Also  Shigeno Yuki 2Dan Professional is present



 Okada Shinichiro, 7Dan Professional

A precious chance of  a simultaneous game for Francesco and Alberto, both promising young players.

The traditional signature of the "memory book"

 Shigeno Yuki  and Okada Shinichiro.
It's time to say goodbye

We take the last pictures with the hope to meet again as soon as possible.



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