Third Italian Go Congress

Giochi Sforzeschi - Italian Mind Sports Olympiad
Palazzo Stelline, 7th-10th December 2000


This year the Congress was held during the Giochi Sforzeschi - Italian Mind Sports Olympiad, in the beautiful Stelline Palace of  Milan. The event has been very successful with thousands of players and visitors. More information on the Giochi Sforzeschi is available on the MSO Italy web site
The Go tournaments have also had a big success with a record number of participants, while the promotion desk has always been crowded.
The XXI Italian Open Championship was won by da Shigeno Yuki, 2 Dan Professional who had been invited to participate in the MSO special event.
The final for the title of Italian Champion will be played by Paolo Montrasio and Enzo Burlini, the first two italians in the final ranking.
Here are some pictures of the various Go tournaments:

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The Go promotion desk has always been crowded

A few images of the 13x13 championship..

..and of the 9x9 championship

A special present from PierPaolo Zara, a player from Sardinia, has been appreciated by the Blitz tournament participants

 Francesco Marigo third place at the 13x13 championship

Stefano Saba, second at 13x13 

The winner of the 13x13 championship, Tatsutomi Hiroyuki from Japan receives his prize from Isamu Oka, President of the Italian Federation.

 Okano Haruna, third place in the  9x9 and Blitz championships. 

Ottavio Castellucci, first italian in the Blitz tournament ranking

Timotej Suc, from Slovenia, second place in the Blitz championship

 Tanaka Masanori, 5D, has won the Blitz championship

Very young players. 
In the picture, Rebecca Taldo

Rossana, Anastasia and  Samuele Tufano

A very special guest, Ed Bishop (Commander Straker in the UFO film series) observes the game between Diego Durazzi and Cristiano Garbarini

Shigeno Yuki, 2 Dan Professional 

Some images of the XXI Italian Open Championship

Enzo Burlini and Francesco Marigo

Ramon Soletti and Carlo Tibaldi
Alberto Mariani and  Marco Vajani
Andrea Pecorari and Cristiano Garbarini

Enzo Burlini and  Drago Pergar, from Slovenia

Remo Chiosso and  Lorenzo Trillo
Eugenio Ragone and  PierPaolo Zara

Shigeno Yuki and Arai Kozo


Dr. Lee and Tanaka Masanori

Ottavio Castellucci and Timotej Suc
Andrea Pasquino and Francesco Ciulli
Alberto Pavanello and Okano Haruna

Giampietro Barbiero and Eugenio Ragone
Paolo Pierro and PierPaolo Zara

Cristano Garbarini and Antoine Vanney

Shigeno Yuki and  Enzo Burlini

Gennaro De Santis and Paolo Marcoli
Timotej Suc and Alberto Annovi

Dr. Lee and Cristiano Garbarini
Marco Vajani and  Paolo Montrasio

Gino Tufano and Dr. Lee

Luciano Ghelli and Linda Poletti
Giuseppe Innamorato and Massimiliano Zecca
Andrea Pasquino and Alberto Annovi 

Francesco Marigo and Marco Vajani. Marco won this game by half a point

Shigeno Yuki and Ramon Soletti


The prizegiving of the XXI Italian Open Campionship. At the center in the picture Shigeno Yuki, winner of the Championship.
Second place to Paolo Montrasio who will play the final for the title of Italian Champion with Enzo Burlini
Third place to Tanaka Masanori



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