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Incontro settimanale: Tre Olmi (MO)

Notizie Go Club del Tortellino - Mer, 29/03/2017 - 10:14

Proseguono regolarmente i nostri incontri di studio e gioco.

L’appuntamento è per giovedì 30 marzo alle ore 20:30 presso la birreria Keller in località Tre Olmi a Modena in strada Barchetta 411/A.

Trovate la posizione sulla cartina cliccando qui.

Ricordiamo che siamo sempre disponibili a spiegare il gioco a tutti gli interessati, sedetevi con noi e chiedete pure!

Come sempre fate cosa gradita lasciando un commento a questo post per segnalare la vostra presenza o meno.  A giovedì!


Upcoming Go Events: Berkeley, New Brunswick, Toronto, Syracuse, Cambridge

Notizie AGA - Mar, 28/03/2017 - 01:50

April 1: Berkeley, CA
Bay Area Go Spring Tournament
Jay Chan 909-618-8749

April 1: New Brunswick, NJ
CIRU Regional Go Tournament
Paul Matthews 973-992-5675

April 1-2: Toronto, Canada
Toronto Spring Cup 2017
Johhny Lau 416-392-6874

April 8: Syracuse, NY
10th Salt City Go Tournament
Richard Moseson 315-682-7720

April 9: Cambridge, MA
Massachusetts Go Association Spring Handicap Tournament
Eva Casey 617-666-8934
David Kahn 617-571-1421

Get the latest go events information.


NJ tourney on Saturday offers free registration, pro game reviews

Notizie AGA - Mar, 28/03/2017 - 01:46
The Confucius Institute of Rutgers University (CIRU), together with the Feng Yun Go School, will host a 3-round tournament in New Brunswick, New Jersey, this Saturday, April 1st. Doors open at 11a. Thanks to support from the CIRU, players of all strengths are welcome to participate free of charge; register online using Eventbrite no later than Thursday, March 30 to guarantee a spot. Participants winning all three of their games will receive both a Rutgers T-shirt and also a performance rank certificate signed by Feng Yun 9p. As an added bonus, Feng Yun 9p will provide game reviews between rounds. “Often players win or lose with little understanding of why, and this tournament will provide a teacher to shed some light,” notes tournament director, Paul Matthews. “We think that the combination of competition and instruction is important, and everyone is invited to come see.” See the tournament webpage for more information.
- Brian Kirby

School Teams Deadline April 8th

Notizie AGA - Mar, 28/03/2017 - 01:14

Registration for the AGHS 2017 North American School Team Tournament is open until April 8th. “Grab two friends and represent your high school, club, or language school,” urges AGHS Promotions Head Albert Yen.  “Any non-go institution is eligible to compete, and there is no cap on the number of teams per institution. The tournament will be held on KGS; all participants are eligible for an AGA summer Go camp scholarship. Prizes include cash, trophies/medals, and AGHS custom T-shirts for the winning teams.” For this year’s official STT rules click here. Register by April 8th here. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor.  Image by April Ye.


Latest AGA pro videos: Jennie Shen 2P on Master vs Tang Weixing 9P; Michael Redmond 9P on his Kiriyama Cup game vs. Kobayashi Izumi 6P

Notizie AGA - Lun, 27/03/2017 - 23:25

In the latest AGA Master Review Series, Jennie Shen 2P, hosted by Andrew Jackson, translates Meng Tailing 6P’s commentary and adds her own analysis of Master/AlphaGo’s game against Tang Weixing 9P.

And in the latest Redmond’s Reviews, Michael Redmond 9P and Chris Garlock, American Go E-Journal Managing Editor, review Redmond’s recent Kiriyama Cup match against Kobayashi Izumi 6p. See the game record below for additional comments/variations. Both videos are produced by Andrew Jackson and Michael Wanek

download SGF file


South Central Go Tournament draws 38 Players from four states

Notizie AGA - Sab, 25/03/2017 - 20:03

The 2017 South Central Go Tournament was held in Dallas on February 18-19 drew 38 players from four states – 13 in the Open Section and 25 in the Handicap Section. There were six rounds played. In the Open Section, the winner was Bulin Zheng, 6d; second place Muzhen Ai, 7d; third place, Mark Ma, 5d. In the Handicap Section, top band, the winner was Tim Cox, 2k; second place Jeremy Fernandez, 1k; third place Anthony Long, 1k.
- report/photos by Bob Gilman



Ketner and Pitchford Top Davis/Sac Spring tourney

Notizie AGA - Sab, 25/03/2017 - 19:58
The Davis/ Sacramento Go Club held its Spring Tournament on March 18th at the South Natomas library in Sacramento. There was a good field of eleven players with groups from Reno and the bay area. The Upper Division was won by Jonathan Ketner, 1d (left), with a 3-1 score and Travis Pitchford, 3k (right), also 3-1, lead the Lower Division by a tie break. - Willard Haynes

New York pros visit Evanston club

Notizie AGA - Sab, 25/03/2017 - 18:53
New York City-based professionals Ryan Li 1p and Stephanie Yin 1p paid a visit to the Evanston Go Club on Wednesday night, taking time out from their vacation in Chicago. Turnout at the club was higher than usual, with 14 players attending. Li played 6 simuls and Yin played 4. “I asked Stephanie what was the most number of simultaneous games she ever played,” said club president Mark Rubenstein. “Nothing could have prepared me for the answer: 30! Thanks to Ryan and Stephanie for taking time out from their busy schedule to visit our club! Attendance was great, and we even saw some players who had never come to the club before. Special thanks to Simon Guo for making the arrangements.”

Korea’s Park Jeong Hwan 9P wins 2017 World Go Championship, claims “best player” title

Notizie AGA - Ven, 24/03/2017 - 13:50

Staking his claim as the best go player in the world, Park Jeong Hwan 9P of Korea has won the 2017 World Go Championship, defeating Mi Yu Ting 9P of China in the final on March 24. In third place was DeepZenGo with one win and Yuta Iyama 9P of Japan took fourth place. Details, including the tournament results table and game records, are here. The Nihon Kiin sponsored the tournament to decide “the best go player in the world.” Park called the opportunity to compete in the tournament “an honor” and said that it was “a good opportunity to improve my skills.”a good opportunity to improve my skills.a good opportunity to improve my skills.think that this is a good opportunity to improve my skills.


World Youth Goe Championship – Registration Open

Notizie AGA - Gio, 23/03/2017 - 22:45

The 34th World Youth Goe Championship is open for registration, reports Mingjiu Jiang 7P.  The event is open to US citizens only. The Senior Division is for youth aged 12—15, and the  Junior for kids under 12 by July 23rd, 2017. Players cannot be on the team, in the same age division, more than twice within 3 years. The initial qualifiers will be held on KGS with Ing rules, April 8th and 9th.  The top two players of each group will play final games face to face, place to be determined, on May 20th and 21st. Final winners will represent the US to this year’s World Youth Goe Championship on July 18-23 in Chiangmai, Thailand. Ing’s Goe Foundation and the American Ing’s Goe Foundation will pay round trip airfare and hotel.

Registration is due  by April 3, 2017.  To register, email your name, date of birth, division, rank, KGS id, phone and address to  You may also call Mingjiu at (650-796-1602) Sponsored by: Ing’s Goe Foundation. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor. Photo: Youth competing at a previous WYGC final.


Incontro settimanale: Tre Olmi (MO)

Notizie Go Club del Tortellino - Gio, 23/03/2017 - 09:19

Proseguono regolarmente i nostri incontri di studio e gioco.

L’appuntamento è per giovedì 23 marzo alle ore 20:30 presso la birreria Keller in località Tre Olmi a Modena in strada Barchetta 411/A.

Trovate la posizione sulla cartina cliccando qui.

Ricordiamo che siamo sempre disponibili a spiegare il gioco a tutti gli interessati, sedetevi con noi e chiedete pure!

Come sempre fate cosa gradita lasciando un commento a questo post per segnalare la vostra presenza o meno.  A giovedì!


Park Jeong Hwan 9P and Mi Yuting 9P in World Go Championship final

Notizie AGA - Gio, 23/03/2017 - 04:04

Park Jeong Hwan 9P and Mi Yuting 9P are facing off for the title in the Nihon Kiin’s “World Go Championship.” The final matches are being broadcast live now (10p EST) on YouTube, with commentary by Michael Redmond 9P and Anti Tourmanen 1P.  has been posted. Park Junghwan beat DeepZen and Mi Yuting beat Iyama Yuta in the second round, leaving both 2-0. Click here for Round 2 commentary (Part 1); Part 2 is here


AGA Master Review Series: Game 17; Master vs. Lian Xiao 7P

Notizie AGA - Gio, 23/03/2017 - 02:10

In the latest in the AGA Master Review Series,  Michael Redmond 9P, hosted by Chris Garlock, takes a look at the game between Master 9P and Lian Xiao 7P (click here or below). “Lian Xiao is ranked among the top ten players in the world,” Redmond says. “He has a strong fighting style. In this game Master/AlphaGo plays a truly unorthodox move early in the game, and goes ahead to take control.”

download SGF file

“I could not find any obvious mistakes to blame for Lian losing the game,” says Redmond, “but think that he placed too much emphasis on local fights while falling behind in the overall position.” As usual, the sgf file here has additional variations.



Sito Web EGC 2018!

Home Page sito FIGG - Mer, 22/03/2017 - 12:03

Il sito web dell' European Go Congress 2018 a Pisa, è finalmente pronto e funzionante!

Sono ufficialmente aperte le iscrizioni (e le sottoscrizioni alle news per gli interessati), che dureranno fino a luglio 2018, con prezzi man mano crescenti.

Iscrivetevi numerosi!


Park Jeong Hwan 9P and Mi Yuting 9P win first round in Nihon Kiin World Go Championship

Notizie AGA - Mer, 22/03/2017 - 05:53

Park Jeong Hwan 9P and Mi Yuting 9P prevailed in the first round of the Nihon Kiin’s “World Go Championship,” held on March 21; the video commentary by Michael Redmond and Anti Tourmanen has been posted. This round features Deep Zen Go vs Mi Yuting 9P and Park Jeong Hwan 9P vs Iyama Yuta 9P; click here for commentary Part 1 and commentary Part 2. The tournament continues through March 23 in Osaka, Japan.  The Nihon Kiin is providing live commentaries on YouTube (LIVE as of 11p EST 3/21) by Redmond and Tourmanen.
Note: this post has been updated to reflect that Park Jeong Hwan won in the first round, not Iyama Yuta, as initially reported. 


The Power Report: Latest news from Japan

Notizie AGA - Mer, 22/03/2017 - 02:59

by John Power, Japan Correspondent for the E-Journal

Fujisawa and Hane win Pair Go: The final of the Professional Pair Go Championship 2017 was held at the Nihon Ki-in’s Tokyo headquarters on March 5. Taking black, the pair of Fujisawa Rina, Women’s Honinbo, and Hane Naoki 9P beat Suzuki Ayumi 7P and Cho Chikun, 25th Honinbo, by 1.5 points.  An estimated 1350 go fans somehow managed to fit
into the Nihon Ki-in to view the tournament.

Iyama makes good start in Judan defence: The first game of the 55th Judan title match was held at Osaka University of Commerce on March 7. Winning this title last year was what secured Iyama his grand slam of the top seven titles. Having lost the Meijin title, he is now down to six, but he will looking for a chance to repeat his grand slam, so he needs to hang on to all his current titles. He faces the challenge of one of the new stars of Japanese go, Yo Seiki 7P. Aged 21, Yo is a member of the Kansai Ki-in and hails from Taiwan, where he is known as Yu Cheng-ch’i (Yu Zhengqi in Pinyin). Playing black, Iyama Yuta defeated Yo by resignation after 197 moves. Apparently Yo had winning chances in the middle game but was unable to make the most of them. The second game will be played on March 30.

Fujisawa Rina wins Women’s Meijin: The second game of the 29th Women’s Meijin title match was held at the same venue as the first Judan game on March 8. Playing white, Fujisawa Rina, Women’s Honinbo, beat the defending champion Xie Yimin by 1.5 points. This gave Fujisawa her second concurrent title and reduced Xie to three titles. She had held this title for nine years in a row but missed out on becoming the first woman to win a title for ten years in a row.

Iyama defends Kisei title: The sixth game of the 41st Kisei title match was held at Ryugon, a high-class Japanese inn in Minami Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, on March 9 and 10. In the middle game, Kono Rin 9P (B) launched a challenge but made a miscalculation, so at one stroke the game turned in Iyama Yuta Kisei’s favor. Kono made a fierce attack in an attempt to catch up, but was parried by Iyama. Kono resigned after 150 moves, so Iyama defended his title with a 4-2 score. Having held the Kisei title for five successive terms, he qualified for the title of Honorary Kisei (to be assumed when he turns 60 or retires, whichever comes first). He is the third player to earn the honorary title, after Fujisawa Shuko (Hideyuki) and Kobayashi Koichi. Iyama also maintained his sextuple crown. The Kisei prize money is 45 million yen (just under $400,000).

Iyama finally wins NHK Cup: The NHK Cup was the only official title that Iyama Yuta had not won. He finally put that to rights in the final of the 64thCup, telecast on March 19, when, playing white, he defeated Ichiriki Ryo by resignation after 184 moves. This was his third final, but his first for four years. It is his 42nd title, which puts him in 6th place in the all-time lists. Ichiriki also came second in the 62nd NHK Cup.

Honinbo League (March 8) Takao Shinji Meijin (W) beat Mitani Tetsuya 7P by resig.; Motoki Katsuya 7P (B) beat Cho U 9P by 4.5 points. Thanks to his win, Motoki improved his score to 5-1, giving him the sole lead. His main rivals are Hane Naoki 9P and Ko Iso 8P, who are both on 4-2. In the final round, scheduled for April 6, Motoki plays Ko and Hane meets Cho. Even if he loses, Motoki will qualify for a play-off.

Meijin League: (March 9) Ko Iso 8P (W) beat Murakawa Daisuke 8P by resig. (March 13) Yo Seiki 7P (B) beat Cho U 9P by resig. Kono Rin 9P and Iyama Yuta share the lead on 2-0. Yo Seiki is in last place, but he finally picked up his first win, making his score 1-3.


Assemblea Maggio 2017

Home Page sito FIGG - Mar, 21/03/2017 - 18:23
La prossima assemblea dei soci si terrà a Roma in Piazza Euclide 34, in 
prima convocazione il giorno sabato 20 maggio 2017 alle ore 04.00 e in 
seconda convocazione il giorno SABATO 20 MAGGIO 2017 ALLE ORE 21:00. 

Questo l'ordine del giorno: 

-) Apertura dei lavori 
Elezione del segretario d'assemblea che redigerà il verbale 
-) Relazione morale-finanziaria 
Presentazione della relazione 
Discussione e votazione 
-) Bilancio (presentazioni e votazioni) 
Consuntivo 2016 
Preventivo 2017 
-) Quote 
Quote associative 2018 
Spese di segreteria per nuova iscrizione 
Penale per rinnovo tardivo 
Contributo per partecipazione eventi internazionali con rimborso 
Tassa per ricorso 
-) Varie ed eventuali. 

Ricordiamo che l'ordine del giorno può essere modificato fino a 14 
giorni prima dell'assemblea. Si invitano quindi i soci a inviare 
eventuali proposte di aggiunta/modifica all'indirizzo  entro 
il 6 maggio 2017. 

                        Per il CF,                        Maurizio 

Peter Drake edges out Daniel Wagner to win Portland handicap championship

Notizie AGA - Dom, 19/03/2017 - 23:38

The Portland (Oregon) Go Club 2017 Handicap Championship wound up on March 14 after one and a half months of weekly matches.  Peter Drake took first place on tie-break over Daniel Wagner, both scoring 4-1.  Six players competed.

photo:  Peter Drake (left), with Daniel Wagner standing in the background. photo by Roy Schmidt

“Surrounding Game” to premiere at Palm Springs docfest

Notizie AGA - Dom, 19/03/2017 - 17:52
The long-awaited premiere of the go documentary The Surrounding Game is less than a month away, reports director/producer Will Lockhart. The world premiere of the film will take place at the American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs, CA, on April 3. 
“I’m so grateful to the many hundreds of players in the community who have supported this project over the years” Lockhart, who has overseen the project since its inception in 2012, tells the EJ.   “We’re very excited to finally show the finished product, and we encourage anyone in the Los Angeles area who’s free on April 3 to make the trip!” Click here for tickets to the screening.
If you can’t make it to Palm Springs, don’t worry – the film team assures us that many other screenings around the country are currently in the works, including showings at this year’s US Go Congress in San Diego and European Go Congress in Germany. Check here for more screenings to be announced.

Master takes on Park Junghwan and Meng Tailing in latest AGA Master Review Series

Notizie AGA - Dom, 19/03/2017 - 17:25

The latest in the AGA Master Review Series features Jennie Shen 2P’s translation of Meng Tailing 6p’s commentary on Master’s game against Park Junghwan 9p – Game 24 in Master’s 60-game series — and Michael Redmond 9P’s commentary on Master’s game against Meng Tailing (Game 9). At right is Redmond’s sgf commentary, which includes additional variations.

download SGF file

“I have taken note that some people are requesting longer videos in the comments, and I can assure you that in some cases I will be doing longer commentaries,” Redmond posted  last week. “In the case of the Master games, Master is outstanding in the opening, and the power of it’s different yet effective moves has the potential to change how we pros think about fuseki. One of my motives in making these videos was to voice my opinion about these new ideas, and therefore I want to focus on the early parts of the games. Master usually takes the lead early in the game, so that also is a factor in my choice to comment on the openings. I also believe that while I could squeeze in a lot of information, it can be difficult for the viewer to digest a lot of new ideas at once, and a large number of short videos is more effective as a learning tool than a small number of long videos.” Redmond added that “In my Redmond Reviews, I will be commentating more on human games, some of them my own. Humans make mistakes, which can be painful for the players but will give me more opportunities to go through to later stages in the games, and more drama late in the games for the viewers to enjoy.”


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