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Torneo di Pisa Autunno 2019

Home Page sito FIGG - Gio, 22/08/2019 - 17:22

Il 14-15 settembre si terrà a Pisa, presso la sala congressi della Stazione Leopolda, il torneo autunnale di Go (classe A).

Per maggiori informazioni:

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 Elenco degli iscritti

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Multilingual Go Book Completes French Version, Reports Progress on Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, and Russian Versions

Notizie AGA - Gio, 22/08/2019 - 16:39

Earlier this year, the E-Journal reported on Haris Kapolos’s Multilingual Go Book project, the goal of which is to create a book “that could circulate in libraries, schools, universities and game shops… in more languages [than just English and Greek] and have it be free for everyone.”

Kapolos recently wrote us to announce “the full translation of the book in French. The translation was made almost entirely by Jean-Luis Tu.” Significant progress has also been made on a Brazilian Portuguese translation, with almost three chapters complete, by Lucas Félix de Oliveira Santana. The website has also been fully translated into both languages.

“The whole English version has been proofread and some diagrams were corrected,” writes Kapolos, “Also, I have re-aligned most of the text boxes and image boxes in the book and it looks much better now.”

Kapolos is looking for more collaborators: “The current [translations] that have volunteers working on them and on which it would be great to receive more help are the Dutch, the Russian and the Brazilian Portuguese versions.”

If you’re interested in getting involved, the project is looking for people to create translations in their own language, proofreaders, and donations.


LIVE THIS WEEK: AGA to broadcast commentaries on 2019 China Securities Cup World AI Open on Twitch

Notizie AGA - Gio, 22/08/2019 - 01:10

The AGA will broadcast the 2019 China Securities Cup World AI Go Open live from the Chinese Weiqi Congress in Shandong, China this week. “This is a brand-new challenge for us as we take our production to Asia for the first time, and we will do our best to entertain you and provide you with some fresh perspectives on the AI games,” says the E-Journal’s Stephen Hu.

The broadcasts will take place on the official AGA Twitch channel, hosted by Stephen Hu (@xhu98) and joined by various commentators from China TBD. The following schedule* will be promoted on the Twitch front page:

*all times converted to UTC; actual start times might be subject to delays at the venue, although we try our best to start commentary at the earliest availability. Note: We will not be commentating on the preliminary rounds – however, feel free to follow the games on Yike Weiqi. In the semifinals and finals, all the games will be played out regardless of the series outcome.

August 22, ca. 01:30-03:30(China Securities Cup) Quarterfinalsca. 05:00-06:30Human + AI Pair Go Exhibition, QFca. 07:30-09:00Human + AI Pair Go Exhibition, SFca. 10:00-11:30Human + AI Pair Go Exhibition, FinalAugust 23, ca. 01:30-03:30Semifinals, Game 1ca. 04:30-06:30Semifinals, Game 2ca. 07:30-09:30Semifinals, Game 3August 24, ca. 03:00-05:00Final, Game 1ca. 06:00-07:30Final, Game 2ca. 09:30-11:00Final, Game 3August 25, ca. 01:30-03:00Final, Game 404:30-06:00Final, Game 5

AGF imports blind go sets

Notizie AGA - Mer, 21/08/2019 - 19:43

The American Go Foundation has purchased 12 new go sets designed for the visually impaired. Both black and white stones are slotted on the back, and click into a 19×19 grid, with a 9×9 grid on the backside. Black stones also have a raised dot in the middle, so they feel different from the white ones. Sets have been sent to the National Go Center and the Seattle Go Center, and one will be available at the US Go Congress each year as well. Milan Mladenovic ran a pilot program last year at Perkins Institute for the blind in Boston, and it was well received . “Ever since I learned to play go my brain has reconnected with my love for thinking ahead and mind games,” reported S, a student at Perkins. 

AGA Board member Steve Colburn approached the AGF about purchasing the sets. “The AGA Webmaster receives dozens of emails a month from people around the country,” writes Colburn. “Most of these have pretty easy answers, but there are others that can take years to answer.” Colburn says he has received multiple requests for blind sets over the years. “This time we were helped from some users on Go (Baduk, Weiqi) Players on Facebook, which is a nice group of worldwide go players to chat with. Earlier this year someone asked if they knew where to buy a blind go set. Someone in the thread found the right site for the Japan Braille Library Equipment Business Division. After a short consultation with the AGF they agreed to import some of the sets to the US,” said Colburn. Importing proved fairly complicated. Joshua Guarino’s Japanese was crucial to get through the many issues with ordering, importing and payment, and the sets finally arrived at the AGF warehouse just before the Go Congress.

“Adding go sets for the visually impaired to our equipment offerings was a natural extension of what the AGF does to promote go in institutional settings and to underserved populations,” says AGF President Terry Benson. The sets will be free for institutions that are working with the visually impaired. Individual players who are blind can also contact the AGF if they are interested in acquiring a set. -Story and photo by Paul Barchilon


Incontro settimanale: Tre Olmi (MO)

Notizie Go Club del Tortellino - Mer, 21/08/2019 - 10:50

Proseguono regolarmente i nostri incontri di studio e gioco.

L’appuntamento è per giovedì 22 agosto alle ore 20:30 presso la birreria Keller in località Tre Olmi a Modena in strada Barchetta 411/A.

Trovate la posizione sulla cartina cliccando qui.

Ricordiamo che siamo sempre disponibili a spiegare il gioco a tutti gli interessati, sedetevi con noi e chiedete pure!

Come sempre fate cosa gradita lasciando un commento a questo post per segnalare la vostra presenza o meno. A giovedì!


Member’s Edition: Yuan Zhou on Single Digit Kyus

Notizie AGA - Mar, 20/08/2019 - 07:00

download SGF file

Commentary: Yuan Zhou 7d
Game editors: Bill Cobb, Myron Souris
Published in the August 20, 2019 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

In this game between single digit kyus, Yuan Zhou covers every aspect of the game from opening to endgame. But he especially stresses how important verifying that your moves are sente, when necessary.

Yuan Zhou 7 dan is one of the strongest players in the US. He has won many titles. Zhou is also a popular teacher, lecturer, and author. He lives in Germantown, MD, and can be reached at . This commentary is typical for Zhou, who has published several books, including such thorough commentaries of pro games at Slate & Shell (


ArenaGo: New Go Database App

Notizie AGA - Sab, 17/08/2019 - 06:00

ArenaGo is a new Android app that contains over 50,000 professional matches searchable by player, country or date. Nice stone graphics, flags to represent nationality, and the ability to select favorite players might interest go enthusiasts. Users can manually advance through games or choose an adjustable auto-play speed. Game records are current as of 7/27/2019 with over 1,400 players and 23 countries represented.

The following link will take you to the app in the Google Play Store:

An IOS version is under development.

-editing and screenshots by Ryan Woolgar


Corsi di Go sul sito Polgote

Home Page sito FIGG - Ven, 16/08/2019 - 17:07

Oltre alle lezioni private, sono aperti dei nuovi corsi di Go molto economici sul sito

Si tratta di una lega mensile con piccoli premi, da giocare con avversari di livello simile al proprio, per poi fare review con gli insegnanti, alcuni dei più forti giocatori europei:
- Mateusz Surma 2 dan professional EGF
- Andrii Kravets 1 dan professional EGF
- Stanisław Frejlak 7 dan EGF
- Cornel Burzo 7 dan EGF
- Lukas Podpera 7 dan EGF

Non perdete l'occasione!

Go Spotting: Chazen Museum of Art

Notizie AGA - Mer, 14/08/2019 - 16:19

“During Go Congress, I visited the Chazen Museum of Art at UW and found this Japanese print,” writes Li Ping. “It is a Samurai standing on top of a Go set.”

The woodcut is by Katsukawa Shunshô, who was known for “his widely influential nise-e (“likeness painting”) or nigao (“likenesses”), which were stylized but otherwise accurate facial likenesses of actors. These introduced a greater measure of realism and individuation into ukiyo-e actor portraits.” (Source.)

Katsukawa Shunsho (Japanese, 1726 – 1792) “The Actor Ichikawa Danjuro V as a Samurai in a Wrestling Arena” ca. 1780 Color woodcut Bequest of John H. Van Vleck

-edited by Nate Eagle


Member’s Edition: Yilun Yang’s August Hard Life and Death Puzzle

Notizie AGA - Mer, 14/08/2019 - 03:23

download SGF file

Black to play.  The first move is key, but so many choices.

Published in the August 13, 2019 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

Yilun Yang 7P is one of the most popular go teachers in the US.  You can reach him at


Member’s Edition: Lessons with Kaz: Common Mistakes

Notizie AGA - Mar, 13/08/2019 - 07:00

download SGF file

Published in the August 13, 2019 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

This commentary is a continuation of the previous article’s game between 3 kyu players, covering more important points, including the opening.  Kaz emphasizes the importance of surrounding a weak group.  Regardless of whether you can make a kill, surrounding can still be very beneficial in the opening and middle game.

A longtime contributor to the American Go E-Journal, former insei Kazunari Furuyama has returned with his popular EJ column, now in sgf files and re-named “Lessons with Kaz”.  Visit his newly improved website, including the advice column and example problems.

Upcoming Go Events: Santa Fe and Quebec

Notizie AGA - Lun, 12/08/2019 - 18:02

August 17: Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe Summer Go Tournament
Robert Cordingley 281-989-6272

August 18-23: Mount Orford National Park, Quebec
Summer 2019 Go Camp – CGA
James Sedwick

Get the latest go events information.


Go Spotting: National Gallery features two scenes by Japanese artists involving games of go

Notizie AGA - Sab, 10/08/2019 - 16:42

Former AGA President Allan Abramson spotted games of go in two scenes currently on display in the East wing of the National Gallery in Washington, D.C.

Horses and Grooms in the Stable

Muromachi period, early 1500s
pair of six-panel screens; ink, color, and gold on paper

The Cleveland Museum of Art, Edward L. Whittemore Fund

“Fine horses were treasured assets for military commanders, who built elaborate stables to house them. A Portuguese priest who visited Japan during the Edo period noted that such stables were spotlessly clean, elaborate structures where members of the elite could entertain, as shown here. Guests sit on tatami mats and play the board games go or shogi (similar to chess) while falconers watch over their hawks and grooms attend to the spirited horses. Monkeys, thought to draw illness away from horses, appear in the panels to the right of the go or shogi players.”

The Cleveland Museum of Art has a high-res version of the entire scene.

Warrior Minamoto Raiko and the Earth Spider

Utagawa Kuniyoshi
1798 – 1861

Edo period, 1843
triptych, woodblock print
Los Angeles County Museum of Art,
The Joan Elizabeth Tanney Bequest

The Earth or Dirt Spider

“Families that rebelled against the emperor were disparaged as ‘dirt spiders’ (tsuchigumo) in some ancient Japanese texts. In the popular imagination, the term was taken literally to refer to a giant, ground-dwelling arachnid. In Kuniyoshi’s print, the Earth Spider tries to ensnare in its web a famous but ailing warrior, Minamoto Raiko (948 – 1021), whose four bodyguards sip sake and play board games. The artist used the story to satirize the harshness of the government in his own day. When the print was issued in 1843, viewers understood that the sick Raiko was a stand-in for the unpopular current shogun, and the horde of demons symbolized the down-trodden townspeople.

“In Yoshitsuya’s version of the story, Raiko’s bodyguards or generals lower themselves in baskets into the cave of the Earth Spider and its serpent companion. The monster glares at the intruders with its green, bulging eyes, while countless small spiders crawl over its body. Despite the odds against them, the bodyguards ultimately slay the Earth Spider. Their victory inspired a centuries-old Noh play, Tsuchigumo, that was adapted for Kabuki theater.”

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has a high-quality version of the triptych here.

-edited by Nate Eagle


Go Spotting: Yanko Design

Notizie AGA - Gio, 08/08/2019 - 02:08

“Yanko Design considers itself an online magazine of modern and industrial product design,” writes AGA member Morgan Faas. On Yanko Design’s website he found a go board design that, in his words, “upgrades the go board into the modern era of technology.”

Indeed, this post by James Hoare asks, “Don’t you think that it’s about time that one of the oldest known board games is due a refresh?” The post goes on to describe a go board with embedded multi-color lights. It seems like each player has one stone that they tap on a point on the board to indicate where they wish to play. Then the point lights up in color. The article doesn’t give some details that might be of interest to go players, such as how captures work, or scoring for that matter. However, this could be an interesting concept for those who might think the game of go needs a technological update.

This 21st century go board is designed by Joonho Sung. It appears to be an idea and not an actual product at this point.

-edited by Roger Schrag


U20 Eastern Youth Open coming up this month in New York

Notizie AGA - Gio, 08/08/2019 - 01:23

The first annual U20 Eastern Youth Open will be held Saturday, August 31. Young Go players under the age of 20 will compete for a $1,500 prize pool. All players must be under 20 years old by the date of the tournament, ranked 10 kyu or higher, and current AGA or CGA members. Players whose AGA ranks are out of date but who have a KGS rank with at least 10 most recent games at the rank of 10 kyu or higher may enter. Pre-registration is required. Click here for tournament details.


Incontro settimanale: Tre Olmi (MO)

Notizie Go Club del Tortellino - Mer, 07/08/2019 - 18:42

Proseguono regolarmente i nostri incontri di studio e gioco.

L’appuntamento è per giovedì 8 agosto alle ore 20:30 presso la birreria Keller in località Tre Olmi a Modena in strada Barchetta 411/A.

Trovate la posizione sulla cartina cliccando qui.

Ricordiamo che siamo sempre disponibili a spiegare il gioco a tutti gli interessati, sedetevi con noi e chiedete pure!

Come sempre fate cosa gradita lasciando un commento a questo post per segnalare la vostra presenza o meno. A giovedì!


Action Comedy Nerd Show at the 2019 US Go Congress

Notizie AGA - Mar, 06/08/2019 - 17:35

Show co-host Dr. Jerry Jaffe 1d was so inspired by his short visit to the 2018 US Go Congress in Williamsburg that this year he registered as a player and participated in the entire week. An episode of his podcast also resulted, of course. During the week he interviewed Congress Director Dave Weimer on the Congress, Myungwan Kim 9P on his project teaching people with autism, and Ryan Li 1P on the New York Institute of GO.

Listen to the full podcast here (also available through iTunes and Stitcher) if you want to learn the answer to Dave Weimer’s favorite go joke: How many go players does it take to change a lightbulb?


Member’s Edition: Guo Juan 5P on Dan Game 2 Stone Handicap

Notizie AGA - Mar, 06/08/2019 - 07:00

download SGF file

Commentary:  Guo Juan 5P
Game Editor:  Myron Souris
Published in the Aug 6, 2019 edition of the American Go E-Journal

In this 2 stone handicap game (Black is 1 dan, White is 3 dan), Guo Juan guides the reader through the inevitable overplays while White tries to climb back into the game from the handicap.

Guo Juan 5P is a popular go teacher based in Amsterdam. Check out her online go school, featuring recorded lectures and problems presented in a Spaced Repetition System. Here you will learn and remember correct play. And there’s a one month free trial!


Member’s Edition: Yilun Yang’s August Easy Life and Death Puzzle

Notizie AGA - Mar, 06/08/2019 - 07:00

download SGF file

Black to play. Can Black make two eyes?
Published in the August 6, 2019 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

Yilun Yang 7P is one of the most popular go teachers in the US. You can reach him at


Trevor Morris remembers his father Peter

Notizie AGA - Mar, 06/08/2019 - 04:39
Peter Morris and his wife Sharon

My father, Peter Morris (AGA #3222), passed away last week. He was an active Go player for many years. He and his three sons (Doug – #2856, Brett – #7468, and Trevor – #2829) began playing Go in the late 1970’s, and started playing at the Greater Washington Go Club around 1984. Through the rest of the 80s – before the day of internet Go servers – we would often take the hour drive from Shepherdstown, WV to the Cedar Lane Unitarian Church in Washington, D.C. on Friday nights to play.

As a family, we would often play Go on vacation. Games were a bonding activity for us, with Go being the one we would always return to. Peter continued to play Go and be active in tournaments for more than 30 years, from the late 1970’s through the early 2010’s. He will be missed.

-by Trevor Morris
-photo provided by Trevor Morris
-read Peter Morris’ obituary here.


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