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New York Go League forming

Notizie AGA - Mer, 22/06/2022 - 05:07

Howard Wong is starting a NY Go League, open to all players with stable go ranks in the AGA, CGA, EGF, or an online rank at a credible server. The league will be a round robin tournament, spanning two months, and is set to begin on June 25th with a registration deadline of June 22nd; register here.

All online games can be played in either OGS or KGS, on 19×19 boards with AGA rules (7.5 komi) with color being chosen randomly by the server. All games must also be played with time control settings of 20 minutes main time and 5 periods of 30 second byo-yomi. All matches will have zero handicaps. Player color will be decided by the computer. 

Games may also be played in person if both players agree, a timer  must be used and the game must be recorded.


Yuelun Yang 4D wins SFGC’s Shinji Dote tourney

Notizie AGA - Mer, 22/06/2022 - 05:02

The San Francisco Go Club hosted a three-round go tournament on Saturday June 18, in remembrance of the late Shinji Dote, who played an integral role in the longtime success of go in the San Francisco Bay area. Thirty players competed for honors with division winners taking home cash prizes.

In Division 1, first place went to Yuelun Yang 4D, with Christopher Kim 5D and James Lou 4D coming in second and third, respectively. Division 2 was won by Isaiah Bird 2D and in second place was Qilu Chen 2D and third place went to Jonathan Ketner 1D. Then, for Division 3 Benjamin Lo 8K came in first place with Andrew Shi 11K in second and Brianna Forster 16K in third. 

The San Francisco Go Club will be hosting its next tournament on Saturday July 23rd (register here). 

Matthew Barcus, SFGC Vice President


Burning Board Go Festival blazes with passion for the game

Notizie AGA - Mer, 22/06/2022 - 04:54

report by Bob Bacon*

The Burning Board Go Festival was held June 13-19 at Umstead State Park in Raleigh, North Carolina. The event featured a 6-round tournament from June 16-18, as well as numerous instructive workshops, simultaneous games and lectures by Ying Shen 2P and Yuan Zhou. The 50 attendees had the option to stay onsite in primitive cabins or commute, and about half braved the elements. While participants faced two days with unusually high temperatures for June, the sweltering heat was mitigated by the majestic canopy of sheltering trees and the cooling waters of an adjacent lake open for swimming. Attendees came not only from the surrounding cities but also from as far away as the Canary Islands, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York and several from the Baduk House teaching residency program in Ohio. The festival finished with a splendid outdoor picnic and the burning of a ceremonial go board created for the occasion by Tom Bitonti. The Triangle Go Group hopes to make the festival an annual event.

The tournament was smoothly and professionally directed by Devin Fraze, and all rounds began very close to the designated times. We had 39 players, almost all of them playing all 6 rounds. The winner of the Open Section was Chen Yuan, who was on fire, winning all six of his games for the only perfect record of the tournament. Second place went to Derek Zhou, burning brightly as well. Third place in this highly competitive section was awarded to Micah Feldman.

Section A was captured by fiery Daniel Lambert, followed by Boris Bernadsky in second and Xiaoping Wu in third.

[See image gallery at]

Section B witnessed another blazing performance by Javier Gonzalex winning 5 of his games and rising like smoke to the top of this pack. Peter Armenia secured second place, with Bart Jacob winning third.

Section C was somehow won by Bob Bacon although an investigation into this outcome will likely begin soon. Second place was seized by red-hot Ursa Woodring, and Matthew Gregoire battled his way to third.

Russell Herman’s games were smoking hot in Section D and he won first place, followed closely by smoldering Mei Cai in second and Paul Mendola in third.

We also recognized David Shao, the youngest player attending, with a trophy, as well as the participant winning the most self-paired rated games, Micah Feldman.

Lunch was provided by the hosts Triangle Go Group during the tournament, as well as trophies and $800 in prize money.

Thank you to all the wonderful enthusiastic go players and non-players who made this event a success! Photos will be published on the Triangle Go Club Facebook page and website in the near future.

*who is solely responsible for any flame-related puns contained herein, except for the headline, which was inspired by Bob’s heated prose.


Member’s Edition: Yilun Yang’s Easy June Puzzle

Notizie AGA - Mar, 21/06/2022 - 08:00

Black has a weak stone. Just connect it or go in?

Yilun Yang 7P is one of the most popular go teachers in the US. You can reach him at

Download SGF File


Member’s Edition: Guo Juan 6P on a 1D Game

Notizie AGA - Mar, 14/06/2022 - 08:00

Guo reviews a 1D game with some suggestions for new AI-style moves.

Guo Juan 5P is a popular go teacher based in Amsterdam. Her online go school features a Spaced Repetition System with over 13,000 custom-made problems covering specific subjects plus short focused lectures that explain WHY. And there is a new feature that lets you make and upload your own problems into the SRS. Try it for two weeks for free.

Download SGF File


AGHS-JIGS Challenger Series

Notizie AGA - Mar, 14/06/2022 - 03:18

“The first Challenger Series is live!” says AGHS Co-President Sophia Wang. “Our North American youth representatives on Team AGHS began their face-off with Team JIGS (a European Go school) this past weekend. Two rounds will be played every weekend between AGHS and JIGS team members. AGHS representatives were selected among the winners of this year’s AGHS tournaments, including Youth League, Girls Who Play Go, and School Team Tournament. The current score is 1-1, with AGHS team member Theo Tuschl taking down the 7th seeded JIGS player but falling to the 6th seeded JIGS player.”

Games are live broadcasted with commentary from JIGS professionals.
Tune in at the link below on Saturdays and Sundays at 7am PT / 10am ET

Team AGHS Roster:
1. Alex Fan-Cui 2D
2. Stephanie Tan 2D
3. Al Tang 1D
4. Steve Zhang 1D
5. Liya Luk 2K
6. Ryan Huang 2K
7. Theodor Tuschl 3K


Four Go Congress rooms now available

Notizie AGA - Mar, 14/06/2022 - 00:29

The US Go Congress in Estes Park now has four East Side lodge rooms available. Onsite lodging sold out several weeks ago, but offsite registration has remained open. Organizers have filled all the rooms for people on the waiting list, and are pleased to offer a few extra. If you want a room act fast, they will likely sell out quickly again. A revised Covid plan is coming out shortly for the congress, and all attendees will receive an update by email in the next few days. For more information, and to register, visit


Upcoming Go Events: Raleigh

Notizie AGA - Lun, 13/06/2022 - 14:40

June 16-19: Raleigh, NC
Burning Board Go Festival
Paul Celmer 919-610-0927
Bob Bacon

Get the latest go events information.


AGA selects Gurujeet Khalsa as new president

Notizie AGA - Mar, 07/06/2022 - 23:42

In a May 29 vote, the AGA’s Board of Directors selected Gurujeet Khalsa to be president of the American Go Association, succeeding Andy Okun. Board members Lisa Scott (Chair) and Devin Fraze were also considered for the position. “It is humbling to follow in the footsteps of Andy Okun and his leadership over the past 10 years,” said Khalsa. “I’m grateful for the trust the Board has put in me and will strive to provide even better service to our chapters and members as we promote the game in the US and internationally.” Khalsa served on the Board from 2012 to 2018, including five years as Chair. One of his key achievements on the Board was his initiative for Chapter Rewards, a system for chapters to receive cash awards to be used in go promotion when members join/renew in their chapter or play in AGA rated games. He led the team that established the National Go Center (NGC) in Washington, DC in 2016 with a grant from the Iwamoto North America Foundation and has served since then as NGC Executive Director. The NGC team hosted the 2018 U.S. Go Congress in Williamsburg, VA. At the NGC he’s directed seven annual AGA-rated tournaments, which recently resumed after Covid interruption with a 58-player Cherry Blossom event. He’s also served as TD for the Maryland Open since 2013. Khalsa will assume his new duties as AGA president for a two-year term beginning on September 1.


Member’s Edition: Lessons with Kaz: Common Mistakes

Notizie AGA - Mar, 07/06/2022 - 08:00

This is a game between 5k players.

Former insei Kazunari Furuyama 8d is a longtime contributor to the American Go E-Journal. Visit his newly improved website at

Download SGF File


Inaugural Connecticut State Go Championship results

Notizie AGA - Mar, 07/06/2022 - 00:33

Twenty-nine players from New England and New York gathered in East Windsor, CT on May 21 to compete for several titles at the inaugural Connecticut State Go Championship.

[See image gallery at]

Boyang Kang went 4-0 to win the Connecticut Open.
Matt Pruner won the Connecticut State Champion title. (This title was open to Connecticut residents).
Samantha Soo won the self-paired 9×9 tournament, and Micah Feldman won the 13×13 title.

The event was a “full house” held at the Battle Standard Tabletop Gaming venue in East Windsor CT, and was a huge success thanks in no small part to the unwavering dedication and hard work by the Central Connecticut Go Club volunteers. Mike Scudder, club president, was instrumental in making the event a success. Mike Spaner was the tournament director (with the helpful mentoring of Trevor Morris).

photos: Boyang Kang, CT Open Champ; Matt Pruner, 2022 Connecticut Champion; Samantha Soo, 9×9 Champion; Micah Feldman, 13×13 Champion; Central Connecticut Go Club members playing


Go featured at Asian Culture Festival in Madison Heights, MI

Notizie AGA - Lun, 06/06/2022 - 23:24

In honor of AAPI (Asian and Pacific Islander) Heritage Month, celebrated in May, over 200 participants from Michigan came to the 2022 Asian Culture Festival in Madison Heights, MI.

Albert Tang (2d) and Della Tang (6k) introduced the go games to the audience, including Michigan State Rep. Padma Kuppa, who came to learn how to play go and is very interested in promoting it in K-12 schools. Players of various ranks played games at the event and children showed interest in AGA and AGHS go programs. Read more here.
– Al Tang

[See image gallery at]

Go Classified: Go book collection

Notizie AGA - Lun, 06/06/2022 - 18:30

“I have a collection of igo books in both Japanese and English that I am willing to donate to a go club or go enthusiast,” says Roy Nakamura. The collection comprises roughly 100 to 150 books, about 80% of which are in Japanese.” If interested email NOTE: this offer expires on June 30, after which they will be donated to local charity.


Upcoming Go Events: Raleigh

Notizie AGA - Lun, 06/06/2022 - 10:30

June 16-19: Raleigh, NC
Burning Board Go Festival
Paul Celmer 919-610-0927
Bob Bacon

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NYGO League registration opens

Notizie AGA - Lun, 06/06/2022 - 04:20

The eighth NYGO League is set to start on June 25th with a registration deadline of June 22nd. As always, all players are welcome to register; the only prerequisite is to have a rank certified by a go organization, or to have a stable rank on a go server. 

The league is two months long and will feature a round-robin style with each division having 8-10 players. Thanks to the generosity of those at AI Sensei, winners of each division will receive a free dan subscription for one month. For more information about the league, check out the rules and regulations here.  To register, fill out this form. “We hope to see you there!” says Patrick Zhao, NYGHS Co-President.


Hsi-Wen Chen (4D) and Richard Duan (2D) take top spots in NGC Congress Tune-Up

Notizie AGA - Lun, 06/06/2022 - 04:16

After a pandemic hiatus, the Congress Tune-Up tournament returned to the National Go Center on Saturday, June 4. A relative newcomer to the greater DC area, Hsi-Wen Chen (4D) went 4-0 to sweep the top section in his first AGA tournament. Second place went to rising youth star Richard Duan (2D) with a 3-1 record. “It is exciting to see new strong players emerging”, says TD Gurujeet Khalsa. “We expect these players will continue with great results.”

All players with 4-0 or 3-1 records won prizes. These were:

  • Patrick Sun (3K) 3-1
  • Anderson Barreal (4K) 4-0
  • Michael Lash (5K) 3-1
  • Hyungwook Lee (5K) 3-1
  • Amber Boyden (13K) 3-1

AGA Board election update

Notizie AGA - Lun, 06/06/2022 - 00:00

Additional candidates have come forward for the upcoming AGA board election. Incumbent Justin Teng will be running to keep his At-Large seat. Incumbent Stephanie Yin will be opposed by Paul Celmer in the East. Newcomer Bradley Rose is running in the Central region and previous board member Ted Terpstra is running in the West. Nominations close June 15.

Individuals and chapters should check their expiration dates and membership lists if they wish to vote. Nominations, questions and position statements should be sent to


Registration Open for 2022 World Youth Goe Championship US Qualifier

Notizie AGA - Dom, 05/06/2022 - 23:01
2019 WYGC US Team with team coach Mingjiu Jiang 7p (second from right)

Registration is open for the US qualifier of the 2022 World Youth Goe Championship, which will be held on June 18 and 19. Two representatives will be selected – one in the Senior Group (ages 12-15) and one in the Junior Group (ages under 12). Participants must be US citizens and have resided in the US for at least 6 of the last 12 months. The top four registrants in each group will be eligible to play in the qualifier, which will be held online on KGS with required Skype video calls during the games. The winner of each group will become the US representative in the 2022 World Youth Go Championship, which will be held online between August 1st through August 9th, 2022. Interested players can send any inquiries and register by emailing Mingjiu Jiang at by June 12 with your name, date of birth, rank, KGS ID, Skype ID, phone number, and address.

Story by Justin Teng, AGA Youth Coordinator; Photo by Mingjiu Jiang


Member’s Edition: Yilun Yang’s Hard May Puzzle

Notizie AGA - Mar, 31/05/2022 - 08:00

White looks very weak, but it isn’t easy to kill them.

Yilun Yang 7P is one of the most popular go teachers in the US. You can reach him at

Download SGF File


Upcoming Go Events: Washington DC

Notizie AGA - Lun, 30/05/2022 - 14:39

June 4: Washington, DC
NGC Congress Tune-up
Gurujeet Khalsa 703-626-0777

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