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Member’s Edition: Yilun Yang’s May Easy Life and Death Puzzle

Notizie AGA - Mar, 05/05/2020 - 07:00

Download SGF File

Black to play. How to attack? The first move is important.
Published in the May 5, 2020 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

Yilun Yang 7P is one of the most popular go teachers in the US. You can reach him at


Go Spotting: the Economist

Notizie AGA - Sab, 02/05/2020 - 07:38

Dave Weimer reports that the April 25th to May 1st issue of The Economist includes an obituary for mathematician John Horton Conway on page 82, who died at age 82. He taught at Cambridge and Princeton, and was famous for inventing the Game of Life, which was widely played after it was published in Scientific American in 1970. He discovered “surreal numbers” and made contributions to a variety of fields in mathematics. “He seems to have been a bit eccentric,” says Weimer. “The following passage caught my attention: ‘Or, ensconced in some hallway nook, he would just observe a game. It had been while watching Go players that he realized each game contained many sub-games; and this had led him, first, to surreal numbers, and second to the light-bulb thought that playing games was not a distraction from mathematics. It was mathematics.'”


AlphaGo vs. AlphaGo; Game 39: Playing Away

Notizie AGA - Sab, 02/05/2020 - 03:23

Michael Redmond 9p, hosted by the AGA E-Journal’s Chris Garlock, reviews the 39th game of the AlphaGo vs. AlphaGo selfplay games. The 50-game series was published by Deepmind after AlphaGo’s victory over world champion Ke Jie 9p in May 2017. Chris and Michael chat about Redmond’s new YouTube channel and catch up on how Japanese pros are dealing with the COVID19 shutdown. “In this game, you’re going to be surprised a few times, when AlphaGo plays away from a position,” says Redmond, “plus there’s the usual stuff that it does with ladders. AlphaGo has special ways that it deals with ladders, which is something that’s caught on with human players.”

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Posticipazione scadenza delle Associazioni

Home Page sito FIGG - Ven, 01/05/2020 - 13:08

Considerato che a causa dell'emergenza Covid molti tornei dal vivo non si terranno, abbiamo deciso che la validità di tutte le quote associative viene automaticamente prorogata di un anno. Quindi, i soci FIGG 2020 sono automaticamente soci anche per il 2021, e così via.

Si precisa che anche le nuove quote associative verranno automaticamente prorogate di un anno.

Sperando di rivederci presto per giocare,
Federazione Italiana Gioco Go

Mark your calendar: Upcoming Redmond commentaries

Notizie AGA - Ven, 01/05/2020 - 04:46

Honinbo Shuwa-Genan Inseki or Honinbo Dosaku-Yasui Santetsu? That’s the choice for this Sunday’s live video commentary by Michael Redmond 9P on the AGA’s Twitch channel with E-Journal Managing Editor Chris Garlock. Click here to vote!

Then on May 9, Redmond will review one of his own tournament games.

And on May 17, Redmond and Garlock will review one of the AlphaGo-Lee Sedol games and discuss their new book AlphaGo to Zero. Click here to vote on which AG-Sedol game you’d like to see reviewed.


New York Institute of Go Wins 2020 AGHS School Team Tournament

Notizie AGA - Mer, 29/04/2020 - 00:19

“The 2020 AGHS School Team Tournament has concluded,” reports Promotion Head Sophia Wang, “Twenty-two teams competed in four rounds. Each round consisted of three games between two teams, and the team that won two or more games won the round. In Division 1, the New York Institute of Go Team 1 took first place after winning all four rounds. The New York Institute of Go Team 3 came in second, and the Feng Yun Go School Team A came in third. The team from CNY Chinese School won Division 2, going undefeated. In second place was the team representing Russellville High School, and in third was the Saint Ann’s School. All players and substitutes who competed in each of their rounds will receive a T-shirt participation prize, and the top three teams in each division will also be awarded trophies.” – Lionel Zhang, EJ Youth Correspondant


Go video feast on AGA YouTube

Notizie AGA - Mar, 28/04/2020 - 21:09

If you’re hankering for some more online go content, here’s our latest release schedule on the AGA’s YouTube channel:

April 28: Southeast Asia (SEA) Go Congress: Masters Round 6 (Yang Shuang 2p): US Masters runner-up Jian Zhongfan takes on top Korean amateur Kim Do Hyup in the top division of the Southeast Asia Go Congress.
May 5: Redmond’s Reviews, SEA Edition: Michael Redmond 9P reviews an assortment of Japanese professional games, as well as the third-place match of the Singaporean 7-dan title tournament.
May 12: SEA Congress, Singaporean 7-dan Title Match G2 (Yang Shuang 2p): Having won the first game in the best-of-3 final, can Lin Youzhi 6d go one step further to reach the summit of Singaporean Go?
May 19: China-US Internet Go Tournament, Day 1 (Kim Yoonyoung 8p): Six of the best players in the United States team up against a very strong line-up of Chinese top amateur players.
May 26: China-US Internet Go Tournament, Day 2 (Cho Hyeyeon 9p): The competition is really heating up on Day 2: will there be upsets, and who will survive the ultimate fights in byo-yomi?
Plus tune in on our Twitch channel Sunday nights at 7p EDT for more live broadcasts by Michael Redmond and Chris Garlock; details TBA soon!


Member’s Edition: Gansheng Shi 1P on Korean Qualifiers, LG Cup

Notizie AGA - Mar, 28/04/2020 - 07:00

Download SGF File

White: Kim Ji Seok 9p
Black: Shin Jin Seo 9p
Commentary: Gansheng Shi 1P
Game editor: Myron Souris
Published in the April 28, 2020 edition of the American Go Journal

This week’s commentary is a game from the Korean Qualifiers for the LG Cup. Without Gansheng’s explanations of the strategic fighting, most go players might see little more than extended sequences of bewildering moves. Gansheng also notes this tidbit, “Interestingly, games are currently being played on a laptop now instead, because of social distancing measures and COVID-19.

Already 7-dan at the age of 14, Gansheng Shi won the right to represent Canada at the 2008 World Youth Go Championships, where he competed in Guiyang China. In 2012 Shi fought well in the first AGA/Tygem professional certification tourney, earning promotion to Professional One Dan, along with Andy Liu 1P. Shi is now at the University of Toronto studying Immunology. The E-Journal is delighted to have him doing commentary, and we know our readers will enjoy his insights.


Nominations open for 2020 AGA board elections

Notizie AGA - Lun, 27/04/2020 - 22:37

This year four American Go Association (AGA) Board of Director seats are open for the Eastern, Western, Central regions and the At-Large position. The current terms of office expire this September. If you know of someone who you believe would offer guidance and service to the AGA, please consider making a nomination. Nominations, including self-nominations, may be made by full members for the region in which the member resides or without restriction for the At-Large seat and must be received by June 15, 2020. Nominations and questions must be emailed to Click here for complete election information and qualifications.


Redmond on AlphaGo vs AlphaGo Game 41 Sunday night on Twitch

Notizie AGA - Dom, 26/04/2020 - 01:41

Tune in to the AGA’s Twitch channel Sunday night at 8p EDT (note later time!) to catch Michael Redmond 9P and Chris Garlock with their latest live game commentary on the AlphaGo vs AlphaGo series. SpaceTime Machine calls it “my favorite YouTube series hands down.” Tune in at 8p on Sunday, April 26; viewers will be able to ask Redmond and Garlock questions during the live commentary.
PLUS: Check out None Redmond’s captivating story about “11 year old Michael meets a legendary Go player” on Redmond’s YouTube channel.


AlphaGo vs. AlphaGo; Game 38: Trippy stuff with ladders

Notizie AGA - Sab, 25/04/2020 - 02:25

Michael Redmond 9p, hosted by the AGA E-Journal’s Chris Garlock, reviews the 38th game of the amazing AlphaGo vs. AlphaGo selfplay games. The 50-game series was published by Deepmind after AlphaGo’s victory over world champion Ke Jie 9p in May 2017. Redmond: “This game starts with a complicated variation on the 3-3 invasion, then goes on to a completely different part of the game where a ko is the focus, and then there’s a lot of trippy stuff with ladders and finally there’s some life and death problems.” Garlock: “A little bit of everything.”
Produced by Stephen Hu, Allen Moy and Chris Garlock

Download SGF File


50 years aGO April 1970

Notizie AGA - Sab, 25/04/2020 - 02:23

by Keith Arnold, hka with Patrick Bannister

Deprived of face-to-face go, we gaze with great longing at this fantastic photo of the climax of the 24th Honinbo league on April 8, 1970 (right).

In the foreground at left is my favorite player, Fujisawa Hideyuki, forever to be known as Shuko.  A truly brilliant — if erratic — player, his passion for go was without equal.  And you can see him living the game in his face in this photo. We can surmise that perhaps poker would not be his best game, but of course we know go was.  A favorite player of my teacher, Yilun Yang, he played a prominent role in supporting go in China and his teaching boot camps were legendary.  We can access them through Hinoki Press’ two volume “Shuko: The Only Move, as well as Slate and Shell’s 4 volume “Basic Tesjuji” and finally (though first) Ishi Press’ “Reducing Territorial Frameworks”

Foreground right is Kato Masao, the kid in the room, and his manner evokes a quiet respect for his far more emotive elder.  Indeed, in all of my reading about this great player, who went on lead the Nihon Kiin, I have never read a word suggesting anything but kindness about him.  He game was far more aggressive, “Killer Kato” was his reputation, and he shared his skill in Ishi Press’ “Kato’s Attack and Kill”.  He was the first of the “Three Crows” of the Kitani school to make a name for himself, but the last to breakthrough.  He needs to win this game to catch another player in the room to challenge for the title.  Game record here.

Background right, hunched over the board, is Fujisawa Hosai – the older nephew of Shuko and the first Oteai 9 dan.  A player of extraordinary concentration and determination who once played a match with his letter of resignation in his pocket, Hosai was known for his deliberate play, which is evidenced by the far fewer stones on the background board.  Although he could not win the league, he is determined to make his opponent earn it.

His opponent is “Razor Sharp” Sakata, and his personality also shines in this picture.  Wiry and erect, cigarette in hand, Sakata seems amused by time Hosai is taking, his mind racing from one brilliant counter to the next to whatever ploy Hosai comes up with.  This is a man in his element, not showing the pressure of needing this win to become the challenger.  Hosai’s determination would take them until after midnight, and Sakata became the challenger.  Game record here.

April 25-26 featured what was billed the “First International Team Tournament” in New York city.  Fourteen three player teams competed from the USA, China, Korea, Canada, Japan and Yugoslavia.  The Chinese team emerged victorious, followed by Japan and the US.  The US team was Matsuda, Ryder and Kaslow – all 5 dan – as good as it got in those days.  The match was featured in the NY Times and we can clearly see (top left) the great Edward Lasker playing.  In an early moment of “fake news” the Times says the event took place at “The Chess House” but I trust Mr. Horiguchi’s report in Go Review stating the event happened in the Nihon Kiin Chapter House at the same address.

Finally the first game of the Honinbo title took place on April 27 and 28.  I am not sure challenger Sakata and Honinbo Rin Kaiho are actually interested in whatever Takagawa is saying in this staged photo (top middle).  We will be hearing a lot about Rin who was in the young and early stages of his dominance.  Reading Go Review it seems that the go press was not yet buying it, and seemed to expect Sakata to be the victor. We shall see…Game One record is here.


Member’s Edition: Yuan Zhou on the 21st Nongshim Cup

Notizie AGA - Mar, 21/04/2020 - 07:00

Download SGF File

White: Yang Dingxin 9d
Black: Shin Jinseo 9d
Commentary: Yuan Zhou 7d
Game editors: Bill Cobb, Myron Souris
Published in the April 21, 2020 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

In this 8th round game from the recent Nongshim Cup, Yuan Zhou guides the reader through a complicated game with players of highly contrasting styles. Yuan Zhou gives this summary of the event and the players, “The three major go countries agree each year to send their best five players to this event, which is a win and continue match played one game at a time. In this 21st running of the event, Yang Dingxin 9p of China had won six games in a row, eliminating three of both the Korean and the Japanese teams, when he was paired against the young Shin Jinseo 9p, the number two player from Korea. The players have different styles. Shin Jinseo is a serious, aggressive fighter. Yang Dingxin plays a very thick game. He’s like a tank – very strong and powerful, but slow moving.”

Yuan Zhou 7 dan is one of the strongest players in the US. He has won many titles. Zhou is also a popular teacher, lecturer, and author. He lives in Germantown, MD, and can be reached at . This commentary is typical for Zhou, who has published several books, including such thorough commentaries of pro games at Slate & Shell (


China-US Internet Go Tournament’s second round concludes with wins for Chinese team

Notizie AGA - Lun, 20/04/2020 - 07:57

After two days of games, the China-US internet Go Tournament concluded successfully. “The tournament went well,” says organizer Stephanie Yin 1P. “The CWA appreciated the AGA’s cooperation in this tournament, especially in such a short time.” Albert Yen 7d scored one win for the US team in the first round. “Albert had a good chance against Wei Xiaolin 7d on Board 2 of the second round,” reports broadcast host Stephen Hu. “There was an intense back-and-forth exchange, but eventually Albert lost a large group after a huge ko fight in byo-yomi and had to resign. This means that the final score of the event was 11-1 to China.” Live video commentaries were provided by Kim Yoonyoung 8P and Cho Hyeyeon 9P for the first and second round respectively. Recordings of the commentaries will be uploaded to the AGA’s YouTube channel soon, and in the meantime viewers can find these recordings on Twitch. The tournament was organized and coordinated by Stephanie Yin 1P for the AGA and the Chinese Weiqi Association.

Final results:

Board 1: REN Ke 6d (B) vs. Albert YEN 7d (W)
Board 2: Andy LIU 1P (B) vs. HU Yuqing 7d (W)       [MAIN BOARD]
Board 3: CAO Ruxu 7d (B) vs. Aaron YE 7d (W)
Board 4: Alan HUANG 7d (B) vs. WEI Xiaolin 7d (W)
Board 5: CHEN Junyu 7d (B) vs. Kellin PELRINE 6d (W)
Board 6: Audrey WANG 6d (B) vs. XIA Jun 5d (W)

Board 1: Andy LIU 1P (B) vs. HU Yuqing 7d (W)       [MAIN BOARD]
Board 2: WEI Xiaolin 7d (B) vs. Albert YEN 7d (W)
Board 3: Alan HUANG 7d (B) vs. CAO Ruxu 7d (W)
Board 4: CHEN Junyu 7d (B) vs. Aaron YE 7d (W)
Board 5: Audrey WANG 6d (B) vs. XIA Jun 5d (W)
Board 6: REN Ke 6d (B) vs. Kellin PELRINE 6d (W)


Lezioni online gratuite

Notizie Go Club del Tortellino - Dom, 19/04/2020 - 18:36

Il Go è stato inventato in Cina tra i 3 e i 4.000 anni fa, ed è ancora giocato oggi grazie alle sue regole semplici – al limite della banalità – che nascondono una complessità tale da averlo reso l’ultimo gioco in cui il computer ha superato la mente umana (nel 2016, con un sistema di Intelligenza Artificiale sviluppato da Google).

Offriamo delle brevi lezioni online, tramite Skype e il server OGS, per imparare le regole del gioco e iniziare a giocare.
Contattaci rispondendo a questo post, o all’ indirizzo:

ale _at_


2020 US Go Congress cancelled due to coronavirus

Notizie AGA - Sab, 18/04/2020 - 02:40

The 2020 U.S. Go Congress has been canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The following statement was released on April 17 by the American Go Association Board of Directors:

At a Special Board Meeting held on April 15th, the AGA board, with the agreement of the Go Congress organizers in Colorado, voted to postpone the 2020 US Go Congress in Estes Park to a future year, meaning that there will be no US Go Congress in 2020. 

Over the next few weeks, the AGA and the US Go Congress will continue with the cancellation process, including refunding registration fees that were already paid. We expect these refunds to happen over the next month or so; you do not need to reach out to the Congress team to get your refund.

Given the seriousness of the Coronavirus epidemic, the AGA cannot in good conscience bring together our customary crowd from around the country and the world.  The AGA does not take this decision lightly, and plans to resume our annual US Go Congress in 2021, with as much play (both fun and serious) as always.

At this time, the AGA is recommending cancelling all in-person go events (both club meetings and tournaments) through the end of May, but feels that it is too soon to make recommendations about summer events, given that local conditions may vary.

Please stay safe and healthy


Albert Yen 8d a winner in first round of China-US Internet Go Tournament

Notizie AGA - Gio, 16/04/2020 - 08:06

The first round of the China-US tournament, organized by the China Weiqi Association and the AGA and coordinated by Stephanie Yin 1P, was held on Tuesday evening, with Albert Yen 7d giving the US team its first win against Ren Ke 6d of the Chinese team. The second round will be held Wednesday evening April 15th on the Fox Go Server. Viewers can tune into the AGA Twitch channel to see the broadcast of the games and game commentary by Cho Hyeyeon 9P and hosted by Stephen Hu.

US team player photos China team player photos


Coronavirus impact hits home: the passing of David Saunders AKA dsaun

Notizie AGA - Gio, 16/04/2020 - 02:24

Players across the AGA and KGS are mourning the loss of David Saunders, AKA dsaun, who died on Monday March 30th from COVID-19 and pneumonia. A page on Sensei’s Library has been created dedicated to memories of dsaun, particularly the large amount of poetry he wrote and shared with his friends on KGS.

An example: Go is fun // I do not lie // and so is eating apple pie // apple pie is truly great // but playing Go does not add weight.

LGSam remembers his friend in a way Saunders would have appreciated, with “a questionable limerick in honor of the master of questionable limericks.”

Once, there was a great man named dsaun.
A grand Go legacy had he drawn
that will be remembered,
and celebrated too,
into each and every new dawn


New York Go Honor Society takes New York Go League international

Notizie AGA - Mer, 15/04/2020 - 06:09

After initially announcing a league in March of this year that would allow New York players to compete both in-person and online, the New York Go Honor Society has taken the New York Go League international in light of the recent pandemic and the inability of players to meet in person. “We are proud to announce that we will be opening the league to all players, not just those who reside in New York,” says NYGHS vice-president Patrick Zhao. Participants will play two games per week be allowed to schedule their games with their opponents on their own time. Entry and play in the league is completely free and open to any player with a stable rank with any association or credible Go server. All players interested in joining the league should fill out the Google registration form before the registration deadline of May 1, and take time to read the rules and regulations. Players should address any questions to


AGA Volunteerism Survey; Raffle for Go World Magazines and Game Reviews

Notizie AGA - Mar, 14/04/2020 - 11:19

The AGA relies heavily on volunteers in order to operate and continue to provides services to the Go community. An AGA volunteer himself, Justin Teng has designed a survey for AGA members to take to better understand their perspectives on the AGA and motivations in deciding whether to volunteer or not. This survey, which should take approximately 5 minutes to complete, is part of a graduate school Capstone project and aims to determine the core factors affecting volunteerism within the AGA. The results of this survey will be used to help guide possible solutions that can help the AGA sustain a level of volunteerism that will enable it to continue enriching the Go community.

Complete the survey by April 21st to be entered into a raffle for 14 different Go World magazines (US only; shipping included) and/or game reviews by Teng (6 dan) himself. Go World is an English-language magazine covering world Go news, professional game commentaries of major tournaments, and various Go articles that was published in Japan by the Kiseido Publishing Company (and previously Ishi Press) between 1977-2012. Raffle winners (one for the Go World magazines and two for the game reviews) will be randomly drawn on April 22nd and winners will be notified via email.


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