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New AGA Chapters for September 2019

Notizie AGA - Mar, 01/10/2019 - 21:24

The AGA is regularly asked for new chapters around the country. These are the newly registered chapters from September 2019:

Grande Ronde Go Club – Le Bebe Cakes, 1103 Washington Avenue, La Grande, Oregon – 5:00pm – 8:00pm on Thursday – Contact Steve Tanner

Members should check their information when logging in. If you are not receiving the EJ make sure your email is up to date. Chapters can always update their current chapter through the AGA Membership Manager if they have changed.


Member’s Edition: Albert Yen 7d on an Online Game vs 7 Dan

Notizie AGA - Mar, 01/10/2019 - 06:00

download SGF file

Black: Albert Yen 7d
White: anon 7d (on Fox Server)
Commentary: Albert Yen 7d
Game Editor: Myron Souris
Published in the October 1, 2019 edition of the American Go E-Journal

Albert’s commentary is on one of his recent online games against a 7 dan on the Fox server. Albert’s summarizes the key points of this game, “I chose to do a commentary on this game, because this game exemplifies how important the opening is. Falling behind without realizing the true board state in the opening is common. On the surface my opponent didn’t play any obvious slack moves or overplays, but I took control of the game after the first joseki, because I knew the shape better. I played a new move in the opening after studying the shape with Leela Zero – the result was very good for me. Main message: You don’t have to kill a group to have a big lead, and vice versa.”

Albert Yen first started playing go at the age of five after watching Hikaru no Go on television. He received 6 dan at the age of 7 in Taiwan. Albert continued to compete in America after he moved to Chicago in fifth grade and studied under Jiang Mingjiu 7p. To date, he has made several showings in national and international tournaments, including winning representation to the World Youth Goe Championship in 2014, 1st place in the Redmond Cup in 2015, and 4th place at the 2019 World Amateur Go Championship. Albert is currently a second year undergraduate student in UIC’s GPPA BA/MD program in Chicago. Outside of go, Albert enjoys sprinting and running.


Member’s Edition: Yilun Yang’s October Easy Life and Death Puzzle

Notizie AGA - Mar, 01/10/2019 - 06:00

download SGF file

Black to play. Black lacks eye space, and the corner has a gap.
Published in the October 1, 2019 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

Yilun Yang 7P is one of the most popular go teachers in the US. You can reach him at


Stephanie Yin 1P to represent North America at Bingsheng Cup

Notizie AGA - Mar, 01/10/2019 - 04:37

Last week’s elimination qualifier resulted in a win for Stephanie Yin 1P (at right), who will travel to Suzhou, China and compete in the 10th Suzhou Qionglong Mountain Bingsheng Cup from October 29 to November 4. National Tournaments Coordinator Jeff Shaevel reports that Yin won both games, first defeating Wan Chen 3d, then Yinli Wang 5d in the final round. “Congratulations to Stephanie, and best of luck!”

-photo by Karoline Li


Oregon State Go Championship crowns new champion Robert Tirak, open section winner Steve Stringfellow

Notizie AGA - Lun, 30/09/2019 - 07:00
Robert Tirak 4d

“The Oregon State Go Championship was played on September 21 and 22 at the beautiful Portland Japanese Garden,” writes tournament director Roy Schmidt. “Due to space limitations, the field was limited to 28 players.  Top honors in the Open section went to Steve Stringfellow 4d, of Tacoma, Washington, with a perfect 5-0 score.  The highest finishing Oregon resident, and thus the new State Champion, was Robert Tirak 5d, with a score of 4-1, losing only to Stringfellow by half a point.

“In the Handicap section, first place was claimed by Tyler Moore, 4k, (5-0) from the Bay area, CA.  Second place was a tie at 4-1 between Andrew Zhang 1k and Stewart Towle 7k.

Garden visitors were guided through an observation area, where they could watch the games in progress. 

Peter Freedman adds, “Doug Cable and I spent Saturday and Sunday teaching people to play Go in the Japanese Garden. The place was packed on sunny Saturday, but not so much on rainy Sunday.  Still, we must have taught 50 people how to play, and probably 20 got to hear my talk on Go history and its cultural relevance to Japan.”

– photos by Neal Wright
edited by Nate Eagle


New York Go Association monthly tournament series begins October 12

Notizie AGA - Ven, 27/09/2019 - 21:14

Cash prizes will be available for all sections of the NYGA new monthly tournament series, beginning Saturday October 12. Each tournament will be four rounds played in a single day, with light snacks provided and a several hundred dollar total prize pool based on registration. All tournaments will be located at the New York Institute of Go founded by Stephanie Yin 1P, who is excited about the start of a regular tournament series. “It’s a great opportunity to practice and learn Go on a regular basis, network with other go players and have fun!” Click here for all the details and to register. Confirmed tournament dates for the remainder of the year are October 12, November 9, December 14.


Players and volunteers welcome at the Washington Go Festival this weekend

Notizie AGA - Ven, 27/09/2019 - 17:36

A strong field is shaping up to compete for the Virginia State Championship at this year’s Washington Go Festival Saturday 9/28. On top of strong returning players, “we have over a dozen new players registered!” reports organizer Edward Zhang. Volunteer spots are still open for the event, including a liaison with Fairfax County TV, who will be shooting at the festival. Other positions include a TD for the AI-assisted tournament, assistant TD for the Virginia Open, an emcee for the awards ceremony, and volunteers to help take down at the end of the day. Send an email to if you’re interested in helping out. All players are encouraged to come and compete, and Virginia residents have the chance to compete for the Virginia State, Women’s, and Youth championship!


Cotsen Open game recorders wanted

Notizie AGA - Gio, 26/09/2019 - 20:29

The E-Journal is looking for game recorders to cover top-board games at next month’s Cotsen Open. “This is a great opportunity to learn from some our top players and to be part of the team broadcasting the Open,” said Managing Editor Chris Garlock. The Cotsen will be held October 26-27 in Los Angeles. Applicants must have their own laptops; some recording experience is helpful but not necessary. Preference will be given those available for one or both days, but those available for just one round will be considered as well. Game recorders receive official credit in the game record and online recognition, as well as an EJ cap and $25 per game. Please email
photo: game recorder Dave Weimer in action at the 2019 US Go Congress; photo by Chris Garlock


Tappa FIGG a Milano e torneo beer and go!

Home Page sito FIGG - Mar, 24/09/2019 - 12:20

Il 9-10 novembre si terrà a Milano, presso la Biblioteca Valvassori Peroni un torneo (classe A) valido come tappa del circuito FIGG 2019.

La sera di sabato 9 novembre, presso il ristorante “Al tempio d’oro” si terrà il primo torneo italiano di Beer and go!

Per maggiori informazioni e per le iscrizioni: sito milanonogo

Non mancate!


Elenco dei partecipanti

Member’s Edition: Gansheng Shi 1P on 24th Samsung Cup

Notizie AGA - Mar, 24/09/2019 - 06:00

download SGF file

White: Park Junghwan 9P
Black: Tang Weixing 9P
Commentary: Gansheng Shi 1P
Game editor: Myron Souris
Published in the September 25, 2019 edition of the American Go Journal

This hard fought game is from the 24th Samsung Cup. Shi gives this background for one of the players, “Tang Weixing’s results in the past year has not been so great, and Tang has fallen greatly in global rankings. However, Tang has a history of consistent performance in top tournaments, such as the Ing, Samsung, and LG. He hopes to regain his form in the Samsung this year.”

Already 7-dan at the age of 14, Gansheng Shi won the right to represent Canada at the 2008 World Youth Go Championships, where he competed in Guiyang China. In 2012 Shi fought well in the first AGA/Tygem professional certification tourney, earning promotion to Professional One Dan, along with Andy Liu 1P. Shi is now at the University of Toronto studying Immunology. The E-Journal is delighted to have him doing commentary, and we know our readers will enjoy his insights.


Upcoming Go Events: Vienna, San Diego, Cambridge

Notizie AGA - Lun, 23/09/2019 - 20:12

September 28: Vienna, VA
2019 Virginia Open/State Championship Qualifier
Edward Zhang

September 29: San Diego, CA
2019 San Diego Back-to-School Go Championship
Ted Terpstra 619-384-3454

September 29 – December 8: San Diego, CA
Yilun Yang (7P) Sunday Afternoon Go Classes
Ted Terpstra 619-384-3454

October 6: Cambridge, MA
MGA Fall Handicap Tournament
Neil Ritter 978-621-5936

Get the latest go events information.


AGHS Officer applications

Notizie AGA - Sab, 21/09/2019 - 00:07

Applications for the 2019-2020 American Go Honor Society (AGHS) officer team are now open! The American Go Honor Society is an organization driven primarily by high school students to promote go among young players throughout America, hosting tournaments, leagues, and other go events throughout the school year. To apply, please fill out the form here; the application is due 10-5 at 11:59pm PDT. 


Virginia Open/State Championship field shaping up

Notizie AGA - Ven, 20/09/2019 - 21:43

Registration is still open for the 8th Virginia Open/1st Virginia State Championship Qualifier on September 28th. Residency in Virginia is required to qualify to be Virginia State Champion, but all are welcome to participate in the Virginia Open (AGA membership required). The field for the open division is shaping up to be strong with numerous 5 dan-7 dan players, including Maryland-based AGA pro Eric Lui 1p. Registration for the other side events happening concurrently as part of the Washington Go Festival are still open as well. Fairfax County Cable TV will also be providing media coverage of the event as part of a TV program on Chinese culture. “We are excited to crown our first Virginia State Go Champion, Virginia Youth Go Champion, and Virginia Women’s Go Champion and encourage all Go enthusiasts to join us! All registered AGA members will receive a free Go book courtesy of Hinoki Press,” reports event organizer Edward Zhang.


Hai Li 5P lecture kicks off fall program in San Diego

Notizie AGA - Mer, 18/09/2019 - 20:38

The San Diego Go Club kicked off its fall program of professional go lectures and tournaments with a presentation by Chinese pro Hai Li 5P in Balboa Park. It was the first in a monthly series of eight go lectures by Yilun Yang 7P and Hai Li 5P. Each pro will give four lectures – one per lecturer per month. The lectures are free to all and sponsored by the American Go Foundation and the San Diego Go Club.

The SDGC will also sponsor two free tournaments the morning of Sunday, September 29: a 13×13 youth tournament and a 19×19 tournament for everyone else. AGA membership is required to play in both. At 2:00 p.m. the same day Yilun Yang will give his first lecture of the fall. Free pizza will be served at 1:15 p.m., between the tournaments and the lecture.

All of the above events will be located at the San Diego Chess Club in Balboa Park. More information and registration can be found at

-report and photos by Ted Terpstra


Incontro settimanale: Tre Olmi (MO)

Notizie Go Club del Tortellino - Mer, 18/09/2019 - 08:47

Proseguono regolarmente i nostri incontri di studio e gioco.

L’appuntamento è per giovedì 19 settembre alle ore 20:30 presso la birreria Keller in località Tre Olmi a Modena in strada Barchetta 411/A.

Trovate la posizione sulla cartina cliccando qui.

Ricordiamo che siamo sempre disponibili a spiegare il gioco a tutti gli interessati, sedetevi con noi e chiedete pure!

Come sempre fate cosa gradita lasciando un commento a questo post per segnalare la vostra presenza o meno. A giovedì!


Member’s Edition: Yuan Zhou on Chinese Agon Cup

Notizie AGA - Mar, 17/09/2019 - 06:00

download SGF file

Commentary: Yuan Zhou 7d
Game editors: Bill Cobb, Myron Souris
Published in the September 17, 2019 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

Yuan Zhou reviews this semifinal match of the 2019 Chinese Agon Cup, between Ke Jie 9p and Fan Tingyu 9p. Yuan Zhou gives this summary of te players: “Ke Jie is the number one (human) player in the world, currently holding seven world titles. Fan Yingyu is a strong member of the Chinese national team. Although Ke Jie is number one in the world he currently has won only one national Chinese title. He says that, because of the strength of the national Chinese team, the competition is more difficult in national Chinese matches than in world matches. In this game, Fan Tingyu, who won the last Ing Cup four years ago, is Black, and Ke Jie is White. Ke Jie’s record playing White is much better than when he plays Black.”

Yuan Zhou 7 dan is one of the strongest players in the US. He has won many titles. Zhou is also a popular teacher, lecturer, and author. He lives in Germantown, MD, and can be reached at . This commentary is typical for Zhou, who has published several books, including such thorough commentaries of pro games at Slate & Shell (


Frederick Bao sweeps National Go Center Back to School Tournament

Notizie AGA - Lun, 16/09/2019 - 23:26

Fresh from his win at the top section of the US Open in Madison WI, Frederick Bao 5d (on the right) went 4-0 to win the 5d-6d section in an overall field of 34. Second place went to Justin Teng 6d (on the left) with a 3-1 record.

Other three and four game winners were: Fengqi (David) Wen 1k 4-0, Sarah Crites 4k 3-1, Kurt Guynn 6k 3-1, John Gipson 6k 3-1, Ian LeBlanc 7k 4-0, and Tonya Perez-Lopez 17k 3-1. All winners received NGC t-shirts. Upcoming events at the NGC include a return of Pair Go/Paella night on 9/27, and the popular Pumpkin Classic Tournament on 10/26.

report and photo by Gurujeet Khalsa


Seeking pro or amateur representative for Bingsheng Cup

Notizie AGA - Lun, 16/09/2019 - 20:31

The 10th Suzhou Qionglong Mountain Bingsheng Cup, a women’s weiqi tournament, is seeking a representative from North America. The tournament will be held October 29th through Novermber 4th in Suzhou, China. Interested professional and amateur (4D+) women residing in North America are asked to please e-mail no later than Friday, September 20th so that we may run a preliminary tournament among the interested players.


Collegiate players wanted for the World Students Pair Go Championship in Japan

Notizie AGA - Lun, 16/09/2019 - 20:28

The AGA is looking for one male player and one female player to play as a pair in the 6th World Students Pair Go Championship in Tokyo, Japan from December 6 to 11. Players must be either American or Canadian citizens, under the age of 30, and currently enrolled in any higher education institution as students. Room and board are provided by the tournament as well as 50% of airfare, with players expected to bear 50% of airfare and other travel costs.

Eligible interested players should contact the AGA Pair Go Coordinator, Hajin Lee, at no later than September 24.


Pandanet AGA City League Year 8 registration begins

Notizie AGA - Ven, 13/09/2019 - 21:21

Pandanet AGA City League registration begins again for a new year. Registration will be open until Saturday November 2nd.The first round will start on November 17th. Please see the updated rules for the year for any questions. Registration and questions can be sent to We hope to see your city compete this year!


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