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Comunicato EGF su WMSG 2012 e altri eventi

Segnaliamo questo comunicato del Presidente EGF pubblicato in rete il 2 aprile 2012 ( fonte) che invita alla diffusione delle informazioni contenute, e dà anche qualche indicazione su come si svolgeranno i WMSG 2012 a Lille relativamente al Go.

Dear all,

here's an overview what's going on. Please distribute the news through your channels as soon as possible.

Any ideas (and help !) about the upcoming World Mind Sports Games in Lille are welcomed. We have the one and only chance (for about 20 years) to host the World Mind Sports Games - and show European Go. We have to do our best although it will be impossible to set up an event similar to the 1. WMSG.

Best regards
Martin Stiassny

1) European Youth Go Championship – St. Petersburg (12.4. – 15.4.2012)
2) Transatlantic Youth Match – KGS (29.4.2012)
3) World Amateur Go Championship – Guangzhou (China) (11.5. – 18.5.2012)
4) Kido Cup – Hamburg (26.5. -- 28.5.2012)
5) European Pair Go Championship -- Lyon (2.6. – 3.6.2012)
6) Korean Professionals visit European Go-camps and the EGC in Bonn
7) European Go Congress 2012 – Bonn (Germany) (21.7. – 4.8.2012)
8) World Mind Sports Games (WMSG) -- Lille (France) (9.8 – 23.8.2012)
9) EGF Qualification for Sport Accord World Mind Games – Lille (August)
10) World Youth Goe Championship – Luo Yang (China) (15.8. – 21.8.2012)
11) European Iwamoto Memorial -- Amstelveen (27.9. -- 30.9.2012)
12) International Amateur Pair Go Championship – Tokyo (3.11.-- 5.11.2012)
13) Sport Accord World Mind Games – Beijing (8.12. – 15.12.2012)

Ad 1) European Youth Go Championship

Very soon this important event will start in St. Petersburg. For more details please look at

These three tournaments (U12, U16 and U20 (!)) will work as qualification-tournaments for the Transatlantic Youth Match and the World Youth Goe Championship. Please contact either Jana Hricova (

) or Maxim Podolyak (

) at once if you need any help !

Ad 2) 4. Transatlantic Youth Match

On Sunday at 15:00 and 18:00 GMT this competition will be played again on 11
boards (KGS, Transatlantic Youth Go Tournament Room). The EGF board-members Ales Cieply and Jana Hricova will manage it all. The nomination for the European team (against USA/Canada) depends of course on the results of the European Youth Go Championship just coming up in St. Petersburg.

Ad 3) 33. World Amateur Go Championship

As usual during the WAGC we’ll have the General Meeting of the IGF. This year it might be possible that two European countries (Latvia and Kazakhstan) will be accepted as new IGF members. Also the president (and the office) of the IGF will change from China (back) to Japan, for two years. We will have again doping-tests at the WAGC. Just to keep in mind: The time when the flights to the WAGC are paid by the IGF or IGF-sponsors will not come back in the foreseeable future.

Ad 4) 4. Kidocup

For the 4th time Hamburg will host the Kidocup (biggest European weekend-tournament in 2011), again with Korean Professionals. Details and registration at

. Major change in this year: Also European Professionals can start at Kidocup !

Ad 5) European Pair Go Championship

This year’s event in Lyon should motivate many pairs to play the championship. We have very interesting aspects which we’ll try to keep for the next years as well. According to the policy of the EGF (taking results of European championships as the main item for nominating players for international events) this year’s European Pair Go Championship will be the qualifier for
a) The pair(s) who will represent Europe in the 2. SportAccord World Mind Games (Beijing, December), a tournament for professionals and amateurs
b) The amateur-pair(s) who will represent Europe in the World Mind Sports Games (Lille, August), if there will be a limitation on the number of pairs
c) The best placed amateur-pair wins a seat at this year’s International Amateur Pair Go Championship (Tokyo, November) !

Especially c) is a new development. For the first time a pair can play at the IAPGC independent of the “country-points” and independent from the national nomination-procedure if a European country can send a pair to Tokyo.For more details look at

or contact me (


Ad 6) Korean Professionals on tour through Europe

For the first time Korean Professionals will travel through Europe in summer. In close cooperation with the Korean Baduk Association two trips are nearly fixed, where always two Professionals stay about 6 weeks in Europe, visiting weekend-tournaments, summer-camps, the European Congress and the World Mind Sports Games. The first group, Ms. Sohyun Park, 3p and Ms. Juyeon Ko, 8p, will start at 21st June from Korea visiting a tournament in Wales, the three summercamps in Sweden, Poland and France with a final visit of the European Go Congress, leaving on July 28th back to Korea. The names and the exact schedule for the second group are not fixed yet, but they should arrive for the second week of the European congress, with later on visiting at least the World Mind Sports Games and the Dutch summercamp. More details will be published when available.

Ad 7) 56. European Go Congress

Please look at

for details on the numerous events. Some points you should know when deciding about your participation:
a) The entry-fee includes a two weeks ticket for public transport. “Non playing” accompanying people can buy such a ticket for a special prize of 25 Euro
b) Because of the perfect connection by undergroundtram from the center of Bonn to the venue you can take any accommodation in the Bonn-area. You need not to be very close to the city-hall.
c) The organizing team is still trying to offer a very cheap accommodation (with sleeping-bags) but because of laws it is very difficult
d) Don’t forget the next deadline on cheaper entry-fee, it’s 30th April
e) Cheap flights are available with the destination Cologne, Duesseldorf and Dortmund (besides the Ryanair-airports Weeze and Hahn, both more than 2 hours travelling away). Look especially at (


EGF executive-board approved two changes on the rules for the EGC2012:
a) In the European Championship the 4 players who lost their games in round 8 will not go back to the main-tournament but keep in the European Championship playing for exact places 5 to 8
b) The winner of the main-tournament will be the Open European Champion, regardless of his / her citizenship

Ad 8) 2. World Mind Sports Games

The 2. WMSG were just announced by IMSA. It will be a 15 day event in Lille / France, from 9th – 23rd August 2012. They will happen in a big congress- and exhibition center (

a) Sorry, no financial support for the participants. The participants (or the national federations) are responsible for their expenses..
b) All Go competitions for amateurs only
c) Not defined which competitions will happen. IGF delegated the event moiré or less to the EGF. We will for sure have a pair-event, individual-events (male and female) and maybe a youth-event, with limits on the number of players/pairs per IGF-country
d) EGF will add probably some “EGF-responsable” events, for example a tournament open for everyone (!) – the style we are used to have in Europe

Any ideas about “our EGF-tournaments” are welcomed (for example city-team-tournament ?, tournament for kyu-players ?, tournament for school-children ?).
More announcements on the WMSG will follow in the near future. We will probably concentrate on a one-week event (15th – 23rd). Bridge will show up with 1.200 players. Also Poker will come to Lille (as demonstration sport).

Ad 9) EGF Qualification for SportAccord World Mind Games

This qualification will be played in Lille during the World Mind Sports Games. The number of invited players and the mode of the tournament depends on the final decision, how many seats Europe will get for the Beijing-event (December 2012). Again EGF will help covering the expenses of the invited players who want to come to Lille. Players of the Qualification Tournament (s) will be able to participate in the WMSG-events as well if they fit the other WMSG requirements.

Ad 10) 29th World Youth Goe Championship

This year the event (originally planned for Prague) will happen in China. Europe got the right to nominate 6 players (3 under 12 and 3 under 16). European Team leader will be EGF vice-president Jana Hricova. Nomination for this event will be done regarding to the results of the European Youth Championship (St. Petersburg) coming up very soon. It’s a pity that there will be a conflict between the two important events, WMSG and World Youth Goe Championship.

Ad 11) European Iwamoto Memorial

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the EGCC will organize a big tournament for Top European players (by invitation), with professional trainings and a tournament for all players. Details and a webpage are under preparation.

Ad 12) 22nd International Amateur Pair Go Championship

It’s not finally decided how many seats Europe will get this year. But one pair will be decided directly at the European Pair Go Championship in Lyon. The EGF will support this pair by covering the personal expenses for the flight-tickets. Probably the World Pair Go Association will reimburse this year only 50% of the air-fare, so less than last year when it was 70 %. Unchanged, only Amateur-pairs can play in Tokyo. Therefore only an Amateur-pair can win a seat in Lyon for the IAPGC.

Ad 13) 2. Sport Accord World Mind Games (SAWMG)

At the moment for Beijing three events are planned - pair, men single, women single. Till now it is not defined how many seats Europe will get in the different competitions. But with this plan no citizenship limits (compared to last year’s event) for European players. This will help a lot for the European qualification tournament (s) for the SAWMG 2012 (probably to play during the 2. WMSG in Lille)

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